Ditch the Double Chin Without Surgery

If you’re frustrated with your profile — specifically a fatty and undefined chin area — you’re likely tired of dreaming up ways to make it less noticeable, from employing scarves and turtlenecks to limiting your selfies to aerial shots. 

Fortunately, Jennifer Trinidad, DNP, is a highly skilled and experienced aesthetic nurse practitioner who offers a safe, nonsurgical treatment called Kybella®️ that dissolves double chin fat, otherwise known as submental fat. 

The entire team at A Body Renaissance is dedicated to helping you reach your goals, after you and Jennifer define them. Jennifer’s clinical training, along with her degree in psychology, fully equip her with all of the tools necessary to ensure that your experience is medically advanced and emotionally supportive.

Double chin — why me?

Some people think excess weight causes a double chin. It can be, but it’s not the only cause. You can develop a surplus of submental fat as you age, even if you maintain a normal weight. Genetics can also be responsible for your double chin. 

Before you go on a crash diet, schedule a surgical face-lift, or curse your ancestors, consider treatment with Kybella, which successfully addresses that pesky chin fat, permanently and without surgery. 

How does Kybella work to banish a double chin?

The difference-making ingredient in Kybella is a mouthful: deoxycholic acid. Because Jennifer delivers the treatment via injection, it’s very targeted, just like submental fat is. 

Although the deoxycholic acid used for Kybella treatments is manmade, it’s based on a natural molecule that your own body manufactures. It aids in the processing of the fat you get through food, disintegrating and then absorbing it.

When Jennifer treats you with Kybella, it targets your submental fat cells and obliterates them, which means those cells will never exist again to collect fat and contribute to making your chin fuller. 

Kybella: A patient-friendly procedure

It’s hard not to love Kybella, as it offers you so many positives:

During each Kybella treatment, Jennifer administers multiple small injections into the target area. You can get up to six treatments, but you may require fewer, and you should wait one month between treatments.

After your Kybella treatment, you may experience slight swelling, numbness, or bruising, but it’s short-lived and doesn’t get in the way of your daily routines. 

Ready to learn more about how you can ditch that double chin with Kybella? Call our Santaquin, Utah, office at 385-200-3525, or use our online booking tool to request an appointment. We can determine together how to restore your profile so you feel confident again.

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