Say Goodbye to Brown Spots and Other Sun Damage With an IPL Laser Treatment

If you’re like many people who see a brand new year as the perfect opportunity to create an improved version of yourself, you may want to add “new and improved skin” to your list of 2020 resolutions.

As you get older, skin pigmentation becomes less even than it was in your younger years, thanks to sun exposure, environmental factors, and the natural aging process. With intense pulsed light (IPL) laser treatments, you can say goodbye to brown spots and sun-damaged skin and hello to a radiant complexion this year. 

At A Body Renaissance — now in Santaquin, Utah — Jennifer Trinidad, DNP, offers the advanced technology of the Harmony XL Pro laser by Alma™ to painlessly and precisely target brown spots and sun damage to improve the tone and texture of your skin. This light-based laser treatment targets melanin in the darker areas of your skin and breaks the pigmentation apart so you’re left with a more evenly toned complexion. 

How IPL works

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is similar to laser energy but less focused, and that’s a good thing. Lasers use a single wavelength of thermal energy, while IPL spreads the light out using a few different wavelengths of energy. In other words, IPL uses diffused energy, which makes it a highly effective, yet extremely gentle, treatment when it comes to sun spots and areas of irregular pigmentation. 

When Jennifer targets your sun spots and age spots with the handheld IPL device, the energy is attracted to the areas of your skin that have red and brown pigment. This makes IPL treatments with the Harmony XL Pro effective at softening the appearance of:

Almost any area of dark, irregular pigmentation responds well to IPL treatments and improves the look of your facial skin, chest, hands, and other common areas of sun damage. 

Harmony XL Pro is suitable for all skin types

Whether your skin is light, dark, or somewhere in between, IPL treatments with the Harmony XL Pro are suitable for all skin types. And, the treatment is specially designed to be as comfortable as possible, without extensive — if any — downtime. 

Treated areas may appear darker immediately following your IPL treatment, but that typically doesn’t require you to take a break from your daily routine. If you’re self-conscious about the appearance of treated dark spots on your face, you can easily cover them up with makeup for a couple of days as your sun spots gradually begin to fade away, revealing a more beautiful tone and texture. 

Customized treatments

At A Body Renaissance, we customize every anti-aging treatment based on your needs. Jennifer is a skilled aesthetic nurse practitioner, and when you come in for an IPL consultation,  she carefully examines your skin and recommends an effective IPL treatment solution. 

Most men and women need a number of IPL sessions, scheduled about four weeks apart, to reap the maximum benefits. With each treatment — which may only take several minutes, depending on the size of the area you want treated — brown spots and sun damage become less noticeable and blend in with the surrounding skin. 

Make your resolutions come true this year. Improve your skin tone with IPL so you can look your best at any age. Give us a call today at 385-393-4944, or schedule a consultation through our convenient online booking system. 

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