Winter Is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal Treatments

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Do you find yourself scrambling to shave your legs or get a bikini wax in time for a vacation or the first warm day of the year? Being rid of unwanted hair is ideal all year long, but for many people, it’s a hassle and a time-consuming chore.

This year, don’t let the warm weather or a mini-vacation to escape the winter cold sneak up on you. Be hair-free and ready for anything with laser hair removal at A Body Renaissance in Payson, Utah.

If you get started now, you’ll be free of unwanted hair in no time. Discover why winter is the best time for laser hair removal treatments. 

It’s easier to avoid the sun during winter laser treatments

You don’t want to get laser hair removal treatments on tanned or sunburned skin, as it works best on skin that hasn’t been recently exposed to the sun. At A Body Renaissance, Jennifer Trinidad, DNP, uses the advanced technology of the Harmony XL Pro by Alma™. This laser sends concentrated light energy to your hair follicles to destroy hair where it grows. 

If you have a suntan or sunburn, the laser may not be as effective on targeting the pigment in your hair for removal. And it can irritate skin that’s already irritated by the sun. Typically, during the winter months, it’s been a while since you’ve soaked up some rays, so your skin is in optimal condition for laser hair removal treatments. 

Plus, after your appointments and while you’re undergoing a series of laser hair removal treatments, you should avoid the sun altogether — something that’s much easier to do in winter because you’re either outside less or your keep more of your body covered with warm clothes.

You need to stop waxing and plucking before laser treatments

While you do need to shave the treatment area before laser hair removal — so the laser can safely target the hair follicle at its root rather than at the hair on the surface — you won’t be able to wax or pluck before treatments. These hair removal methods rip hair from the follicle which is counterproductive to the laser hair removal process.

In winter, it’s more convenient to avoid waxing and plucking unwanted hair, especially on your legs, bikini area, and under your arms, because you keep those areas covered up when it’s cold.

Laser hair removal usually takes a few months

For maximum hair-removal benefits, you need a series of 6-8 treatments with the Harmony XL Pro laser, spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. While you’re likely to notice a difference in the amount of hair growth and a finer hair texture after just a couple of laser hair removal sessions, consistency is key for long-term results of permanent hair reduction.

We customize your treatments based on your skin color, hair color, and desired results, so if you begin now, you can be hair-free by summer. Say goodbye to the hassle of shaving and the pain of waxing away unwanted hair on your face, legs, underarms, and nearly any other area of your body.

Laser hair removal treatments with the Harmony XL Pro are virtually painless intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments that are safe and effective. They destroy hair follicles so they stop producing hair and you enjoy smooth skin all year. 

Are you ready to get started? Give A Body Renaissance a call today at 385-393-4944, or schedule a laser hair removal appointment with Jennifer using our online booking system.

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