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Jennifer Trinidad, DNP

Medical Spa & Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner located in Santaquin, UT

Muscle and Connective Tissue Therapy with Near-Infrared Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and Percussive Massage

Muscle and Connective Tissue Treatments

What Is Near Infrared Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)?

Infrared intense pulsed light (IPL) laser treatments send light waves at specific frequencies to affected muscles and connective tissue (tendons, etc.). The intense pulsed light promotes increased blood and lymph flow, as well as causing muscle relaxation. This can be performed on large muscles like those in your legs and back or on small muscles like your neck, wrist, feet or hands. Commonly treated issues include muscle strain, chronic pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, golfers or tennis elbow, knee pain, peripheral neuropathy, shoulder pain, neck pain, prior muscle injury pain, etc.

At A Body Renaissance, Jennifer uses the Harmony Lite Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser for near-infrared muscle treatments and may also include percussive massage using the Theragun ®. Near infrared light provides the same benefits as a deep tissue and lymphatic massage and has effects that last weeks.

How Do I Prepare for Infrared IPL Treatments?

Jennifer will provide instructions for preparing for treatment. She may advise you to avoid sun exposure, tanning lotions, or any skin treatments that may increase sensitivity, like peels, acne treatments or abrasive products. These things, when done 2-3 prior to treatment can cause your skin to be more sensitive during and after IPL laser and might shorten or prevent your treatment.

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

Jennifer will perform your treatment in the Santaquin, UT office. You may experience a warming sensation at the treatment site. There is no pain expected during treatments. The laser strength will be set to your comfort and the duration will not exceed 15 minutes per site. Additional therapies may be suggested depending on your primary issue and may include percussive massage and acoustic shock wave. Total treatment time generally does not exceed 45 minutes.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The number of treatment sessions will depend on your particular issue. Muscle strain and pain is often treatment effectively in 2-3 sessions. Tendinopathies and connective tissue involvement may require 5-7 treatments (or more) due to their physiological make-up and their lack of a good blood supply.

Can I Use My HSA to Pay for Treatment?

In most cases, you may use your HSA to pay for treatment. You may need a Letter of Medical Necessity which can be provided at your appointment. Treatments are performed using an FDA approved laser and meet HSA qualifications for physical therapy.

To schedule a consultation to learn more about near infrared muscle and connective tissue treatments, contact A Body Renaissance by phone or online today.